Labiaplasty help!? Started by: Courtney Taylor

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    Hi everyone, i’m really considering having this labiaplasty procedure done. I’m so uncomfortable with it and feel like I have suffered long enough. I’ve been to my GP and unfortunately they said they wouldn’t do it on the NHS. Has anyone had this surgery done and can anyone recommend any surgeons? I’m from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

    Thank you, Courts x


    hi there,
    i just had mine done on Sunday.. In recovery mood now, no pain though which am extremely surprised about. Not even stinging when i pee…
    I had a Labiaplasty and Vagina tightening done….. so looking really forward to 6weeks time when i should be fully healed.

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    Hey Courtney, I’m booked in to have mine done on 18/3/16, I’m the same as you NHS turned me away, I’m having dr Frati but not sure who would cover your area, if you call them they will advise you who’s best! X

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